I write screenplays, jokes, musings, stories, critiques, and absolutely anything else that strikes me as an effective way to use my words. Some of my work can be found on AMAZON here.

Making my words come off the page is my number one goal. I want to see my writing become films, video games, books, laughter, happiness, music, comics, just about everything.

Ideas don’t stop coming to me. All day, every single day, I’m just putting pieces together in my head, while I navigate reality. I’d like to see these concepts played out, and if I keep all the ideas in my head, they just sit there with no end in sight. Putting everything down on the page opens my mind to more inspiration. Like emptying a storage unit, just so I can fill it again.

Words, films, music, comedy, food, sports, video games, flower, architecture, invention, and inspiration are my true loves.

I sign everything JPLS, my initials, but just call me “Jeff”.

Wondering anything else? Just ask me on Twitter!