Who is Jeff?

Hello, you!

I’m Jeffrey Paul Louis Schiller, and this is my attempt at a website. As you can probably tell by now, I enjoy writing. I’ve tried my hand at plenty of things, but I’ve mainly put my efforts into screenwriting because of my deep love for filmmaking. I’ve done a lot of random stuff on the internets like co-hosting podcasts (Beard & Hat Connection, Straight Shoot Retro), paid freelance gigs for websites like the seemingly now defunct guyspeed.com, and even a bit of #TOYSPOTTING.

Originally, I come from New Jersey, but I’m a Las Vegas local these days. My favorite screenwriters are usually also filmmakers, such as Paul Thomas Anderson, The Coen Brothers, Wes Anderson, Kevin Smith, Quentin Tarantino, but I also appreciate writer’s rooms on televisions series like The Sopranos, LOST, Bob’s Burgers, Deadwood, and King of the Hill more than any one writer. The collaboration of creating the perfect screenplays and teleplays that lead to the best films and shows interests me more than anything else in the craft of writing, and it’s something I hope to keep exploring for the rest of my life.

My favorite things to write about when I’m not creating my own fiction are the Yankees, Rangers, Giants, and Knicks of New York. I’ll also find myself writing about the things I read, watch, or play, so stay tuned for my musings on these subjects. Not exactly reviews, as I don’t want to be a critic as much as an appreciator, but I can’t help but throw my takes into the big internet stew.

Stand-up comedy and creating music were two of my earliest passions, and I still love both art forms as much as any other. My favorite living comedian is probably Colin Quinn or Dave Chappelle, and my favorite living musician is even harder to narrow down, but I’ll go with Ian MacKaye or Roger Waters. My favorite foods are probably sausage, peppers, and onions mixed any which way. I used to be in love, but that went horribly wrong. There’s an endless amount of things I have not tried that I would like to, some of those things I probably don’t even know about yet. There’s also a ton of places I’d like to visit in-person. Negativity is the worst, so I try to avoid it, since it’s infectious. Haven’t had a seizure in two years, would like to keep that streak alive as long as possible. I’m ambidextrous, but I write with my left hand, unless forced to otherwise.

Wondering anything else? Just ask me on Twitter!