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Well, I think it’s safe to say that the regular season home run record is a jinx. Last year, Yankees get whooped in the ALDS after breaking it, and now the Twins get swept. On the bright side, the Twins end their postseason setting yet another record, most consecutive playoff losses in baseball history. Now onto the team that matters…

This third game was the most pressure I’ve felt for this team all season, which makes sense, but it feels good to care at this level again. Didi coming alive against his twin children was what the Yankees need. Giancarlo, Gary, and Maybin all getting hits tonight will help the bigger picture, also. Though, the real star of the offense was Gleyber, who couldn’t stop getting extra base hits after his early homer put the Yankees in the lead.

Severino’s bases loaded houdini was the best he’s ever pitched in the postseason, and reminds me of the first playoff Yankees game I ever attended, where Mo did the same thing after loading the bases in the 2009 ALCS. I was worried Severino wasn’t going to be up to the task tonight, but I’m glad I was wrong, and I hope he just builds off this for the rest of the playoffs.

Ottavino can’t get an out lately, Kahnle has been having some bad luck, but most off all I’m worried about Zack Britton’s leg. I hope he isn’t injured, but if he is then it’s “NEXT MAN UP”, as it has been all season long. Chapman and Green were great out of the pen tonight.

Only one team will have a sweep when this round is over, and it is the New York Yankees. The “Bombas” could not beat the “Bombers”, and they should probably not bring Uber Drivers to start next time they come to Yankees Stadium in the postseason.

Rays shown the Astros can be beat, so it’s up to the Yankees to overcome whichever of those teams meets them in the ALCS. Also, Brett Gardner is LEGIT everywhere, and Aaron Judge is as much of a game changer on the defensive end as he is on offense.

Clutch is real, kiddies.


* Didi Gregorius (Grand Slam, multiple RBI hits today, and amazing defense, especially the second to last out of the series)

** Masahiro Tanaka (Ate Minnesota’s soul, and made Game 2 a joke)

*** D.J. LeMahieu (4 runs scored, first homer of the series, opened it up in Game 2, and had big plays at 1B to close it out. Also, his hair.)

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