What happens when a small town with no way of contacting the outside world becomes prey to an unknown predator?

“MONTANDON” is the story of a sheriff in the town of Carson, who faces his first real test since putting on the badge many years ago. His people are dropping like flies, and he has no leads, no witnesses, and no idea how to protect everyone. It’s not your usual old western tale of a hero with his six-shooter waiting to draw down on the new gunslinger at the saloon, but an intricate look into the helplessness that life in the old west could present under the wrong circumstances.

Follow Montandon as he tries to protect the woman he loves, the town that trusts him, and his own sanity in the midst of a serial killing spree.

The Bloodiest American (2018) – PAPERBACK ON AMAZON

The tale of a man coming to terms with losing his humanity over 240 years of fighting wars.

Fighting his way out of a prison in New York during the American Revolution, a man becomes something else entirely after a musket blast to his chest. He spends the rest of his days trying to figure out why, as he continually joins United States war efforts to hide in plain sight, while also satiating his thirst for blood.

Is he a vampire? Does anyone know his name? Who can he trust? Read “THE BLOODIEST AMERICAN”, and experience United States history from a different perspective.


Jeff’s Unproduced Screenplays: TV Pilots Volume 1 (2018) – PAPERBACK ON AMAZON

This collection of TV Pilots features three entirely different shows. One, THE PUBLIC DEFENDER, a superhero comedy about the world’s worst superhero, and how he deals with his neighbor being the best. Second, LOCKBOX, a futuristic espionage thriller that mixes action with intrigue. Third, JAMMING, a coming of age tale about a band trying to figure out if they have what it takes, or if they should go find a real job.

The Public Defender starts with our hero dealing with a vagrant superhero known as “The King of Pain”, who keeps trying to steal Public Defender’s WIFI. Public Defender’s neighbor, Godman, and his ex-wife and partner, Buzkill, help make things worse in this hilarious tale of superheroes getting nothing accomplished.

LOCKBOX pilot follows three distinctly different stories, one a government hitman getting back to work, another a small-time crook steps into something bigger than he ever anticipated, and third a gamer finds out she’s the best in the world, and it means she’s in more trouble than anyone else in the country. Find out how they all come together.

Jamming is about a band on the verge of adulthood. Are they good enough? Do they have any chemistry? Can any of them even sing? This pilot is about them trying to fit all their pieces together in the musical puzzle that is their band.